Unveiling.... The Verdant Life!!

Well, kids, it's official. Verdant Eats is now The Verdant Life. And let me tell you, the verdant life is good!

After a rough summer chok full of personal surprises, I've decided to revamp my focus and expand my blog content big time. VE was a great place to share my recipes, favorite ingredients, foodie books and other food-related miscellanea, but I felt awkward about other topics I wanted to share with you that didn't fit into the "eats" category. So, I hemmed and hawed and tossed and turned and finally began The Verdant Life... for you!

Rest assured, you'll still get all the yummy foodie goodness you've grown accustomed to (and more!), but I'll also be sharing other aspects of my whole, healthy lifestyle, including:

  • Eco-friendly homemade cleaning products and household tips
  • Personal care products and even maybe possibly some beauty products
  • Easy ways to cut your budget (because a dollar stretched can be pretty green)
  • Verdant stuff for your pets, your home, your car, and pretty much everything else!

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