Avocado and Radish No-Recipe Recipe

Springtime's warmer temps call for lighter dishes, so dinnertime has become an even more creative venture than usual for me. Eschewing pastas and heavy grains for the most part, I still want something tasty and satisfying. Last week, I whipped up these open-faced avocado sandwiches as a last minute dinner and it turned out to be so tasty that they've been voted in for a regular recurring role.

Over the weekend, I made a mini version of these sandwiches on small crackers for a brunch get together, and they were a big hit there as well. Although there's no real recipe behind this concoction, I thought this dish was tasty and popular enough to warrant a blog post. So, I'm sharing with you my approach to building a deceptively simple crowd-pleaser, in sandwich or appetizer form. You choose.

Prep it. 
Prep all your toppings first. This will make the assembly process much quicker, especially if you're planning to make bite-size appetizers instead of full-on sandwiches.

Halve and slice a few raw radishes. Diagonally slice some green onions. Thinly slice an avocado and toss it with lime juice and a pinch of salt. Have your hummus standing by.

Build a foundation. 
Start with a nice, solid base. Here, I toasted a slice of marbled rye bread. You could use toasted pita, Wassa crackers, or whatever you like. If you want to make appetizers, so use smaller crackers (rice crackers would be nice) or even raw zucchini rounds as a base.

Add some glue. 
Smear on some hummus. I used a homemade chickpea hummus. The raw zucchini hummus from Practically Raw would work well too. Use a knife or the back of a spoon to smooth out the hummus layer as evenly as possible, otherwise you'll have trouble stacking the additional ingredients.

Top it off. 
Layer on a few avocado slices, pressing gently so they stick to the hummus. Add radishes and green onion slices. Use as much or as little as you like.

Final touches.
I like to dust my final product with freshly cracked pepper. You could add a hit of Himalayan pink salt or final squirt of lime juice as well, if you wish.

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