Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Remember, back in grade school, being faced with the threat of peer pinching if you forgot to don yourself in green on St. Patrick's Day. I do. Although green is a staple in my wardrobe, I'd often overlook the one special day of the year when wearing green is deemed socially mandatory. I'm glad to be rid of that threat at this point in my life, but I thought I'd offer up a few St. Patty's Day fashion tips for those of you still in danger of being pinched for excluding green from your attire.

1. Consider using avocado instead of your regular makeup. It's natural, it's green, and I hear it's even good for your skin.
2. Tuck a sprig of fresh herbsespecially super green ones like parsley, cilantro or basilbehind your ear. Not only will you be covering your green bases, but you'll smell fresh and herby all day long. 
3. Pin a kale leaf to your lapel. Who needs carnations and roses when you've got an iron-rich leafy green on your side? 

However you choose to wear your green on St. Patrick's Day, I hope yours is a happy one! 

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