Mambo Sprouts Blogger of the Month - guess who?

You all know about Mambo Sprouts, right?

What? You don't? For shame! Mambo Sprouts is a web service that offers coupons on natural and organic products, in addition to recipes, articles and tips on greening your lifestyle. Oh yeah -- and it's FREE. I've been subscribed for years, receiving e-mail updates as well as coupons in the mail.

At the end of last year, Mambo Sprouts' marketing team launched a Blogger Affiliate Program, in an effort to get the word out to more people about the products they promote. It's not a secret club or anything, but it does mean that we get exclusive sneak peeks on Mambo Sprouts' promotions a few days before the rest of the world, which I think is pretty cool. 

So, riddle me this. What's better than getting a good deal on products you love that are also good for you?

Only being Mambo Sprouts first-ever Blogger of the Month, that's all!

Check out the blurb that appeared in the Sneak Peek e-mail that went out to bloggers on January 31:

Even if you're not a blogger, I highly recommend that you register for Mambo Sprouts Sprout E-news, their monthly e-mail newsletter and coupon deals. They've probably saved me about a bazillion dollars over the years on products I would have bought anyway, so it's really a win-win-win situation.

I've added the badge proudly to the sidebar of my website and I warmly welcome all the new readers who are coming to visit, thanks to this honor from Mambo Sprouts.

I have to admit... It kind of makes me feel like dancing...


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