VeganMoFo Post #4: Working for the weekend

Welcome to Day 4 of my VeganMoFo adventure! I'm already exhausted and there's a lot of "month" ahead in this "month of food."

Today's post, I fear, may be a bit boring. In my quest to photograph everything I eat, I find I'm slacking off a bit today.

Breakfast was another raw chia oat pudding thinger and I didn't photograph it today because it looked exactly like it did yesterday. You didn't really want to see it again, did you?

For lunch, I also had some repeats. I snarfed down most of my leftover mac-cheeze-pea-bean dish and had a side of miso soup in my Thermos. See how far I got before I remembered to take a picture?

Leftovers taste better with nifty folding spoons.
My afternoon snack was a variation on a theme: ginger Newman-O's and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. (Did I mention that I snagged all these Newman-O's for $2/package at BigLots? I did. Wow.)

Cookies and chocolate espresso beans. Noms!
Once I made my way home, I set about a really ambitious evening: soup AND granola in one night. I knew I had some neglected veggies in the fridge, leftover from previous dinners and desperately needing to be used. The best thing I know to do in times like these is make soup. But I didn't want a simple cooked veggie soup. Who needs that? I piled all my odds and ends of veggies into a dish, with a bit of onion, salt and pepper, and roasted the hell out of them. Like, really roasted:

Roasted veggies... waiting to become soup!
After letting it cool a bit, I loaded the roasted mess into my blender, added some almond milk, a splash of soy sauce and a little onion powder and went to town. After thinning it with just a bit of water, I had about 3 cups of delicious, roasty-toasty mostly broccoli soup. And zucchini. And carrot. And onion. Good stuff.

Easy roasted veggie soup
About that granola? It's still toasting away in the oven, so you'll have to come back tomorrow to see how I turned oats, quinoa, amaranth and a mess load of nuts and seeds into a delicious, nutritious snack - with the recipe!

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