Vegan MoFo is coming!

Well, darlings, Vegan MoFo is almost here. That's the Vegan Month of Food, in case you thought I was just being lascivious. It's the one month each year (this year, it's October) when vegan bloggers across the globe come out of the woodwork and band together, committed to posting every day (or nearly every day) about food.

Although 2011 marks year #5 for Vegan MoFo, this is actually my first year of official participation. Once it's underway, you'll be able to visit the Vegan MoFo website and browse through the hundreds of participants (like, over 600!), even sorting by geographic location and theme. If you're really into food pr0n, you may want to bookmark the Flickr pool as well.

Pesto with Basil, Artichoke and Peas

Theme? Oh yeah. Since a post-a-day is, well, a LOT of posts, lots of Vegan MoFo bloggers like to organize their posts around a theme. Like, the alphabet, or cooking through a whole cookbook, or foods that are green, or what have you.

Greek Hummus Dip

Now, me, I have a little trouble committing to things like themes. Especially where a whole MONTH of food blogging is concerned. So, I'm taking a slightly different approach to my first Vegan MoFo. For me and The Verdant Life, Vegan MoFo will be a food diary of sorts - in pictures. I pledge to photograph every meal, every snack, every smoothie and create a photo-illustrated answer to the question: What do vegans eats?

Panzanella Salad
I came to this idea after doing a little detox last week that left me feeling especially scrutinous (oh yeah, I made that up) over what I put in my mouth. For the most part, my diet is FAR healthier than most people I know and I don't have a lot of "bad habits" in the diet and nutrition department. But I realized that, even as much as I cook and meal plan, I don't have a good overall picture of what I eat. Weird, I know, but that's the way it is. Hopefully, my Vegan MoFo experience will help change that and maybe teach me (and you!) a thing or two about our relationship with the food we stuff in our craw. 

Salted Vegan Caramel Kamut
I promise to still throw in some new recipes for you throughout the month as well, so don't you worry. I'll also let you know what I'm dining on and where I got it (either the ingredients or the meal, if I'm dining out). I'll do my best to show off quality pics whenever possible, but I can most certainly promise you a few mediocre camera-phone pics will make an appearance as well. 

Spiced Apricot Cream Cheese Brownies

So, in a nutshell, here's what I'm committing myself to:
- At least one post every weekday in October
- Photos of all my vegan meals
- Descriptions and other foodie-related details of said meals
- Original recipes too!

Join me on this journey and let's find out what this vegan really eats!

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