I don't want a pickle...

I'm in Ohio tonight to see Arlo Guthrie for the eleventeenth time. If you know anything about Arlo, you'll understand the pickle reference that I've made time and time again here on the blog. If you don't know anything about Arlo, just hold on to your pickle until we get to the end of today's post and you'll get a right proper introduction.

For now, let's do it this way. This is Arlo Guthrie:


This is a pickle:

Got that? Ok, let's move on.

I love pickles. I mentioned them last week in my post about food in jars and since I've got Arlo on the brain, I thought I'd write about pickles again this week and share even more ideas for easy pickling. One of the greatest things about pickles, aside from being ridiculously easy to make, is that you can make 1 jar of pickles or 10 jars just as easily, depending on how much pickle fodder you have (and how much you and your friends like pickles). I usually make just 1-2 jars at a time but feel free to go plumb pickle crazy if you so desire.

Here are some more interesting ideas on homemade pickled-things-in-jars: 
  • Tipnut links to 14 different recipes for cucumber pickles, including all the old favorites as well as sour and half-sour, Asian-inspired and lots of recipes using garlic.
  • Pickle your own ginger for homemade sushi night!
  • Kittencal shows us how to make pickled beets in just a few easy steps.
  • Pickled peaches from Paula Deen. I kid you not. (Yes, THAT Paula Deen!) 
  • Pick a peck of pickled peppers.
Since you can't be at the show with me, check out this video circa 1975 of Arlo and his famous pickle song, which is actually "The Motorcycle Song."

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