Food in Jars: An Inspirational Round-up!

And now, dear friends, I present to you a humble round-up of unique ideas for food in jars. Whether you're preserving and canning or just repurposing old spaghetti sauce jars, I've a surefire way to put those jars to good use.

1. Food In Jars. I'd be remiss to begin a round-up like this without sharing with you one of my favorite jarred food websites, Food In Jars. Although not entirely vegan, there are great ideas for vegan jams (like tomato jam)and spreads, sauces, pickles, granola and anything else you can cram into a jar. Awesome. 

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2. Soup to go a la Ashley at (never home)maker is always putting soups and broths in jars for her work lunches and I've done the same for many years. Canning jars are perfect because they come in all sizes, have airtight (spillproof!) lids, can be microwaved and are infinitely reusable.

3. Parfait is the perfect (harhar) jarred treat. It's a portable breakfast, a mid-day snack, an after work pick-me-up. Most of all, you can assemble then quickly and easily using any type of fruit you have on hand and some non-dairy yogurt. For some lovely parfait porn, check out this post on Back to Her Roots.

4. Cobbler in jars a la Not Martha. Her recipe's not vegan but it can be converted, using Earth Balance and non-dairy milk in place of the butter and buttermilk. (Hint: 1 cup non-dairy milk milked with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar = vegan buttermilk.) This is a spectacular idea for a dinner party or bake sale. Use half pint jars to make individual servings of cobbler. It's wicked easy AND you can make eleventeen different types of cobbler at the same time. Ha!

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5. Pickles are easy jarred snacks. So easy. I adore pickled things and I've written several pickle recipes before for classic cucumber pickles, pickled shallots and - of all things - pickled prunes! Sounds strange, but they taste fantastic and so sneakily healthy, too.

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