Adventures in Catering: Vegan and Vegetarian Appetizers

Last Monday, I let the cat out of the bag (haha) and told you about my gig as a caterer for a party over the weekend. I knew this would lead to a great Meatless Monday feature for today! I'm not a caterer by trade but I do like to make great food and I certainly get a ton of satisfaction watching people scarf it down.

My Facebook fans heard about the menu on Saturday and I shared a sneak peek photo on Sunday but everyone's been hounding me for more. I don't blame them! I'm super proud of my tasty treats and judging from all the yummy noises I overheard at the buffet, the party goers were pretty thrilled with the results as well.

If you missed it on Facebook, here's what the dimly lit spread looked like before the party-goers attacked it:

Crappy cell phone pic alert!
So, what are you even looking at? For this party, I prepared 3 vegan appetizers and 2 vegetarian dishes to please the client's palette.

Samosa Pancakes with Curried Potatoes, Spring Peas and Chickpeas:

Vegan Appetizer #1

Spicy JalapeƱo Corn Muffins with Guacamole:

Vegan Appetizer #2

Caramelized Onions with Thyme and Fig-infused Balsamic Glaze in Phyllo Pouches:
(aka my favorite!)
Vegan Appetizer #3
Grilled Sandwiches of Smoked Cheddar, Granny Smith apples and Arugula:

Vegetarian Appetizer #1
Almond-crusted Baked Goat Cheese with Mixed Berry Marmalade and Crostini:

Vegetarian Appetizer #2
I knew there would be omnivores, vegetarians AND vegans at the party, so how did I let people know what was what and how to decide what to put on their plates? I made cute signs, that's how. For each dish, I made a sign that listed common allergens (like wheat and nuts) and indicated whether the dish was vegan or vegetarian. With so many different dietary restrictions out there - whether based on ethics or allergies - I always like to help my guests out with a little extra info and I highly recommend doing this any time you throw your own party or bring food to someone else's party.

So, there you have it folks. But wait, you say, where are the recipes? Well, as much as I hate to put a hitch in your giddy-up, I'm keeping these recipes under my hat for now. As probably every food blogger does, I dream of someday authoring my very own cookbook and some recipes, like the ones for the three vegan appetizers I just showed you, are just begging to be included in the book. Though it pains me not to share all my recipes with my readers, I hope the photos were enough to sate your desires for the time being and to inspire you to, when the time comes, snag a copy of my cookbook. :)

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