Featured Fruit: Clementines are winter gems

It's time again for my monthly produce spotlight! Last month, broccoli basked in the limelight, and this month I opted for something a little sweeter. They're no strangers to our holiday tables and we've all been up to our eyeballs in them at some point or another. They're clementines!

It's December, and clementines seem to be everywhere. And they are GOOD! Since most of us acquire these juicy little babies in 3-lb and 5-lb boxes, it's important to come up with some creative ideas to prevent these citrus gems from going to waste. After all, you can only eat so many clementines out of hand before it becomes too much.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for using clementines this year:
Whole Candied Clementines by VeganYumYum 
Tangerine Breakfast Cookies by (never home)maker
Clementine Vodka by Redsie on food.com
Super Sticky Clementine Cake (gluten-free) by Allyson at ManifestVegan.com

Clementine Salsa by Vegetarian Times

What's YOUR favorite way to eat clementines this season?

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