Foodista + Moleskine Recipe Contest

As a writer and fervent note-taker and list-maker, I <3 Moleskine like nobody's business. And it just so happens that Foodista, Seattle-based food blog extraordinaire (although not 100% vegan) is one of my hands-down faves. I'm super thrilled to learn that the two have joined forces to present the Passed Down Recipes Contest, running through March 31.

Why, you say, that's only 3 days away! Well, March has been a busy month and I'll readily admit to falling behind a bit on my Google Reader duties. This morning, I was finally able to catch myself up to speed on all my favorite blogs, so I'm just learning about the contest myself. Trust me, folks, I would have shared it sooner if I'd known about it!

The skinny is this: Become a (free) registered user of (totally worth it) and enter your favorite family recipe in the contest for a chance to win a a suite of Moleskine products, including their snazzy new recipe journal that I want so badly I can almost taste. Yum.

So, dust off those family recipe cards and binders and get to work, folks!

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