Meatless Monday #6: Solstice Edition!

The winter solstice has finally arrived and we're looking forward to seeing more daylight around here in the Pacific Northwest! For us, longer days mean more opportunities to play in the snow (or in our case, in the rain!) and

Lee, my dear omnivore who took the Meatless Monday pledge six weeks ago, is dining on leftovers today for lunch. We did a lot of cooking over the weekend, so Mondays are a great opportunity to clear out the fridge before we start cooking again for the week. We didn't plan it, but today's lunch turned out to be a celebration of the dark days of early winter and a great comforting meal to welcome the lengthening days!

Today's Lunch Menu includes:

  • Roasted Delicata squash accompanied by roasted golden beets (You can learn more about how to roast squashes of all varieties here)

  • Baked red potato

  • Mushroom-Barley Soup (See the recipe we posted here)

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